Customer Information

Laser Leasing, Inc. provides many services to make leasing a smooth and simple process.


Laser Leasing, Inc will purchase your older equipment for the newest technology. Even if you have purchased the equipment within the past few years, we are able to assist you to assure you have the most current laser technology at all times. Leasing affords the opportunity to add-on, upgrade or replace obsolete equipment. Because flexibility is one of the greatest benefits of leasing, your company will never be stuck with old, out of date equipment.


New businesses are able to obtain open leases and credit lines. This allows you the freedom and flexibility to pick and choose from any vendor. Many leasing companies only support one or two specific vendors. Laser Leasing, Inc allows you to choose which equipment is the best suited for your specific needs. We are also able to help guide you through the equipment selection process. Our knowledge in the Aesthetic Laser Industry allows us to know which vendor’s equipment is best for your needs.
We are also able to help create business plans, financial projections, financial statements and marketing techniques. Each customer is assigned to an experienced Program Manager who will work closely with you to assure your new business success.